Elegant Jewelry Design

Hand-made. High Quality. Original Designs.

I have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Originally, I started in 1997 as I was participating in the show circuits in the North Eastern US. I was also designing for a few small boutiques and salons. Then I progressed into my own storefront in 2000 which I closed only due to a move to Colorado to start work in a different industry. Then, after a couple of years, I moved to Florida where I have restarted working in the industry I love with the online store. I am also always excited to engage with my clients face to face when participating in Art Shows in and around the Orlando area. Lastly, I am hoping to soon find a storefront to call home. Until then I hope that you will continue to visit as I expand the lines online and add new piece.

If you want to get sneak peeks and keep up to date on what is happening and where I will be showing add my shop on Social Media via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. My main website can be found at: www.elegantjewelrydesign.com

Finally, don't forget if you would like a custom designed piece as a present for someone you love; a special occasion; or, for yourself; please send me a message with your ideas, guidelines and/or questions. I will enthusiastically set my artistic talent to work for you.
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